TestimonialThe short answer to that question is Yes. But before you start putting every customer testimonial you can gather on your sales page, not all testimonials are created equal.

Testimonials can really boost your conversions for a number of reasons. Most importantly they add credibility to your sales pitch. You have a customer who has actually used your product who was willing to share their experience with it. It’s written in there own voice, isn’t a sales pitch and is unbiased.

They increase trust in your sales pitch by proving that what you’ve set out in your sales copy is actually achievable by real world customers. Customers just like them.

But as I said before, not all testimonials are the same and you will want to select the ones that work best for you. You want to select testimonials that really set out what the benefits of your product are and the results that a new customer could expect to see.

Take the following testimonial for example:

“This product is amazing, I love it! I’ll be the first in line for your next product that’s for sure.”

Now that’s a very positive review and very nice, but it fails to put across any of the actual benefits of using your product.

What you’re looking for is something much more like this:

“After using your product, traffic to my site increased from less than a 100 hits a day to well over 500 hits a day which has obviously increased my sales tremendously. It’s paid for itself the very first time I used it!”

This testimonial has tangible benefits included. Their traffic increased, their sales increased and the product paid for itself.

So here are some things you should look for in a good testimonial

  • Demonstrating the benefits of using your product.
  • Backing up the claims you have made in the sales copy.
  • The actual positive results that a customer has had with your product.

Once you have your great testimonial there are few other things you should do. Make sure you include the name and home town and if possible a photo of the person who has given you the testimonial. This builds up credibility that the testimonial is actually from a real person. If you are able to, you can try and get an audio or video testimonials which will up the creditability level even higher.

Testimonials are probably one of the single simplest things you can add to your sales page to improve your creditability and in turn your sales.

Have you got any great tips for picking out the best testimonials? If so, then leave them in the comments below. I look forward to reading them.

    7 replies to "Are Customer Testimonials Effective?"

    • Jon Crimes

      Hi Matt, very interesting post on Testimonials.

      I’m very new to this side of marketing and really appreciate the information.

      The two examples you give above really make sense and the second testimonial is very targeted toward the benefits of the product in question. That’s definitely what I’ll be looking for in the future.

      Great blog, look forward to reading more of your excellent posts.



      • Matt Brown

        Thanks Jon, I’m glad the post was helpful to you 🙂

    • Wayne Singleton

      Hi there Matt
      Very interesting comment.
      I pretty much agree with all your points but I wondered what you think about the value of testimonials being increased by providing some details about the person providing the testimonial?
      I am inclined not to believe most testimonials as they were probably self-written.
      And just adding “John, NY’ doesn’t help much either.
      I’d appreciate your thought.

      • Matt Brown

        Oh so cynical… only joking 😉 Yes I expect many testimonials are indeed self written. Which means if you’ve got a really great testimonial, that you’ve genuinely received and that your using on your sales page. Unfortunately a certain percentage of the people who read it are going to think you wrote it yourself.

        I’ve been reading sales pages for quite a few years now. And I’ve read a fair amount on tactics to use in sales copy. So I tend to be pretty cynical about the whole sales page, not just the testimonials. But not everyone is like me. Many people will read the testimonials, and it will sway them. So it’s worth having testimonials to talk to that segment of the audience. You need to sway the people who don’t believe testimonials with the rest of your sales copy.

    • Torsten Müller

      Hi Matt,

      it surely makes a difference what kind of testimonial is included in a sales copy. While some of them are just hyping a product others can contribute to the sales copy in adding to he benefits.
      Once someone is in the position to choose from a couple of testimonials, the ones that support the sales page in adding value to it are the better ones to choose.

      As for Wayne’s comment above, I also tend to believe sometimes that some testimonials are self-written. Adding the homepage URL of the person giving the testimonial, if available, would make it more trustworthy than just adding the home town. At least it could be verified in contacting the person that gave the testimonial.

      Audio or video testimonials will surely add the most credibility.


      • Matt Brown

        Adding web addresses is definitely a good idea if you can. I didn’t mention it in the post because generally speaking most people don’t have websites. In the field of Internet Marketing however, most people do have websites. So if that is the niche you’re targeting, then yes, get a URL from the testimonial writer.

        I would have a quick check of their website though. You want to make sure it’s something you’re happy to have on your sales page. Also don’t make the link clickable (is that a word?). You don’t want people leaving your sales page!

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