Start LineEvery blog needs a starting point – the first post. The post where you explain why you’re starting the blog and what you have planned for it. And well, here’s mine.

I’ve just started out on a new course. An Internet Marketing course. It’s called Partnership to Success and it’s run by a guy called John Thornhill. I’d never heard of John until a couple of weeks ago, but I watched the video on his sales page and as Mr Burns from The Simpsons would say “I liked the cut of his jib”. And so I signed up.

I’ve dabbled with Internet Marketing over the years with a fairly consistent level of mediocrity interspersed with very brief flirtations with success. Time, life and a million other reasons/excuses have put pay to numerous previous attempts at Internet Marketing. Often I suspect when I was a lot closer to success than I had realised.

These reasons are what attracted me to John’s course. It’s a full years worth of training – week by week, step by step. I know every Monday I will have a new set of tasks to complete that week. And more importantly I wont be left on my own through the process. And this all comes with a guarantee of success if I complete the course. Now that’s quite a guarantee!

I appreciate that the guarantee comes with some caveats. I need to complete the course for one, and I need to put the required work in. My current source of income is my Landscape Gardening business that I started from scratch and have run for 9 years. So I know I’m capable of starting something and sticking with it. In fact, my current business and my gradual falling out of love with it (it’s pretty much rained every day for the last 2 months here in the UK) is going to be a great motivation to make this course work.

So this blog will chart my continued journey through the world of Internet Marketing. I hope the posts will prove useful to other Marketers. Especially those starting out on their own road through the often daunting world of Internet Marketing.

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    • Brian Oliver

      Hey Matt,
      Every blog has a starting point like you say. But you have actually started something amazing! This puts you ahead of the other 90% of people as you have invested in yourself, and found a reputable mentor!
      I will keep my eye on this blog, to see how you are progressing.
      Best wishes

    • Steven Cousley

      That’s a great introductory post Matt. There are a lot of us with similar stories to tell. I’ve dabbled for years too but now I’m taking my IM business seriously.

    • Richard G M Taylor

      Hi Matt and welcome, I will be joining you on this journey, albeit a week or two ahead of you it would seem. If you need help or advice with anything just shout.

      To our success,


      • Matt Brown

        Yes I’m a little behind, but catching up….

    • Alonzo Stride

      Hi Matt!
      Welcome to P2S, it has been an amazing journey so far for me. Thank You for an excellent blog post, and I’m thinking you are going to do well as you progress along on this journey.
      Great Job Matt!



    • Barry Friedmann

      Hi Matt,

      Welcome to P2S. Whilst I am a bit further than you in terms of more weeks covered, I must say that I like the tone and quality of your articles on your blog. This is something that I have struggled with over time and I appreciate the effort that you have put forth to make your articles good quality and the subjects to be thought-provoking.

      Well done and I look forward to hearing a lot more from you as the course of the year progresses, as well as well into the future.

      Kind regards,

      Barry Friedmann

    • Dominic Lockett

      Hi Matt,

      Good first post, ‘I like the cut of your jib’ haha. Like you I was attracted to the same things about the course, the weekly assignments to progress over the 12 months, along with the guidance from John is exactly what I was looking for.

      I struggled to begin with as I had never done blogging before, so deciding what to write and what to make the focus of my blog didn’t come easy. But as John said the more you do it easier it will be and I’m now enjoying blogging and the progression I’m making in the course.

      All the best with the course and feel to drop past my blog



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