Picture of Matt

Hello and welcome to my blog. This place serves as the hub for all the things I do online. You'll find my products, my podcast (coming soon!) and my thoughts. My thoughts on other peoples products in the form of reviews, recommendations and things to avoid. My thoughts on Internet Marketing in form of tips, how-to's, and a good old rant from time to time. And on occasion my thoughts on life, the universe and everything.

So a little about me. I live in Aldershot, in the UK. I've got a degree in Computer Science from Liverpool University and worked for a number of years as a programmer for an insurance company before getting made redundant (actually that's a longer story for another day). I then did a complete pivot and set up my own gardening business which I've run successfully for 15 years.

But there comes a point when you can only put up with so much of the British weather so for a little while now I've been doing a bit of Internet Marketing in the evenings with a view to moving away from the gardening business entirely.

I'm currently working on my first product alongside getting a podcast off the ground, both of which are keeping me very busy. More on both of them in due course.

Outside of the Internet Marketing world I'm a keen music lover, regularly going to gigs and festivals. I also do a bit of DJing from time to time and am even in a band occasionally. For over 10 years I've run a mini 'festival' in my back garden called WobbleFest with local bands and DJ's playing.

I also run retro video game events locally and contribute to larger events throughout the UK and on one occasion in Singapore. In theory this is a side business but in practice it's more of a hobby that just about pays for itself! I'll talk about this more in a blog post in the future as it has some crossover into Internet Marketing.

So that's a little about me. To be kept up to date with what I'm up to, including new posts to the blog, fill out your name and email below so I can keep you in the loop.


P.S. If you are interested in setting up your own online business I can highly recommend John Thornhill’s coaching program called Partnership to Success that I’m a member of. He’s a great teacher and the support is second to none. To get more information check out this free webinar where John takes you through what you need to do to be successful online.