Hi there, here’s a little bit of information so you can get to know me a little better.

I live and work in Aldershot in the south of the UK. Aldershot is a military town although I have no direct connection with the military.

I attended various schools and colleges, finishing up with receiving a degree in Computer Science from the University of Liverpool.

I did various jobs during my education including being a paperboy, checkout staff at a supermarket and bar work, along with lots of temp jobs through agencies (including a whole summer helping to make bomb storage containers – Aldershot is a military town!).

After I left University I had a brief stint as an IT technician at a secondary school before starting my first ‘proper job’. I worked for a large insurance company in their IT department, programming various back end systems.

It was during this job that I developed my dislike of the large office environment. Office politics, back stabbing, incompetent managers. Anyone who has worked in any sort of office will know what I mean. You can put up with a certain amount of this if you really enjoy your job. But with the greatest of respect to anyone who works in the insurance industry. It’s not know for its excitement.

So when an opportunity of redundancy came up I took it with open arms. And what did I do with all my computing skills? That’s right I started up a Landscape Gardening business!

I still run this business to this day. It’s hard work and it’s long hours but at the end of each day you can step back and see what you’ve done. The hard work keeps me fit, which is nice but it also comes with a certain toll on your body.

So a number of years ago I started looking into other forms of income. Something I could start up in my spare time whist still running my business. This is when I discovered Internet Marketing. Most of my efforts up to now have been with affiliate marketing and Adsence sites. Some have been successful but a lot were not. Some sites made a lot of sales briefly before disappearing down the rankings and others have consistently but slowly brought in small amounts of sales over the long term.

So that brings me to where I am now. Having dabbled with Internet Marketing without fully committing to it. Well that has now changed. I fully intend for my Internet Marketing income to replace my current business. To give me more time, to give me more freedom and to give my back a rest!

This blog will document that process and I hope, help others with their journey into the world of Internet Marketing in all of it’s forms.